Copper Cloud Socks

Copper Cloud Socks

"Wow, I love how these socks feel!"

That’s something you’ll be saying every time you treat your feet to Copper Cloud socks. No detail was missed in designing and manufacturing Copper Cloud. If your feet are perfect, Copper Cloud is the perfect sock. If your feet hurt, Copper Cloud is the perfect sock. If you have diabetes and need a sock that won’t bind, that’s cushioned, that’s seamless and does everything possible to prevent blisters and worse, Copper Cloud is the perfect sock.

And we haven’t named these luxurious socks Copper Cloud for no reason. Copper really matters! The generous amount of copper threads in Copper Cloud socks prevents bacterial and fungal growth that cause foot order and provides superior comfort and protection, all while promoting improved circulation and softer skin.

Wear Copper Cloud socks every day and say goodbye to rough heels - guaranteed

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Roomy Socks

Roomy Socks

It's not in the shoes, it's in the socks

Roomy Socks offers affordable socks dedicated to protecting the diabetic foot in a wide variety of styles and materials bolstered by a versatile range of functionality.

Roomy Socks are crafted from the highest quality materials for comfort and longevity. Roomy Socks also incoporate enhanced levels of craftsmanship such as silver-based animicrobial materials, even vetical/horizontal cross-stretch to prevent bunching, low profile toe seams to prevent irritation, and much more.

Roomy Socks are avaliable in an expanded range of sizes and are an excellent choice for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

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